Indextank Bummer

I just receive an email from the Indextank team that they were purchased by LinkedIn. As soon as I read it a four-letter expletive left my lips. I’ve just spent the last couple of months redoing the search engine for the IAPP website to work with Indextank.

As you may have heard, LinkedIn has acquired IndexTank. We at IndexTank are very excited and look forward to joining LinkedIn. Our team is working to make the transition smooth and transparent for all of our current customers.
I’m glad they’re excited (really) but the timing couldn’t be worse for me. Just yesterday I finished writing the documentation of my integration and was working with the marketing department on minor copy and look-and-feel decisions to put the final polish on it. Everything was tested (and working beautifully I might add) and I was ready to launch! Now I don’t know what to do.

Should I put my faith that the product will still be there in six months? Some of the Indextank team commented on Hacker News that they were working to find partners to take over the engine and implement it, but that seems like a risky bet for me.

I’m sure the founders and employees at Indextank care about their current customers, but LinkedIn probably doesn’t as it isn’t part of the their business model. I guess I need to take a hard look at Apache Solr, and particularly websolr, since they were a close second when I was evaluating engines.

I’m so bummed.


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