Blogging For The Right Reasons

I’ve often thought I should blog. At first, many years ago, it was because everyone was doing it. That’s really no good reason at all. Some years later, when I was starting my own business, I believed it would help garner some attention. However, I was way too busy and never got around to it. Not that long ago I thought I should blog to help my “professional networking.” I don’t even participate in Facebook, so that’s just silly.

Today is different. I’m starting a blog. I’m putting my stake in the ground and this time it’s for the right reasons. I want to blog to help myself. I want to document my thoughts and experiences and get feedback and start arguments. I want my opinion out there for everyone to see.

This will make me a better person and a better professional. At least that’s the expectation. In any case, even if it fails to achieve those goals, it should leave me a better writer.

I expect to write something at least once a week, or at least I’m going to commit to that publicly to keep myself honest. I’m the CTO at the International Association of Privacy Professionals so expect to see lots of posts about privacy and information security. I’m also a family man, music fanatic and fitness buff so I’m bound to throw a little of that stuff in here as well.

At the moment I’m struggling with a new information security policy at work and I think that will be the topic of my first “real” post. Expect that to appear before Labor Day.

One last note: I’d like to give big thanks to Gabriel Weinberg for finally pushing towards this goal with this post.


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